How to Do a Lookup to a Sum Cell With the Same Outcome

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    • 1). Open the Microsoft Excel 2010 application on your computer, then click the “Microsoft Office” button.

    • 2). Click the “Open” option, then select the Excel 2010 spreadsheet for which you want to use the LOOKUP function. Click the “Open” button.

    • 3). Enter “=SUMIF” into the top function bar of your spreadsheet.

    • 4). Enter the column range and the sum you want totaled into parentheses. For example, if you enter “(C2:C10,”=50”), the function will search the rows in column C for all sums that equal 50.

    • 5). Press the “Enter” key to see the sums that are equal in the same column. You can then repeat this process for other columns.

    • 6). Enter “=LOOKUP” into the top function bar, then enter the range of your spreadsheet in which you want to look for matches of sums. For example, entering “(50, A2:A10, B2:B10)” will bring up all similar sum totals in columns A and B.

    • 7). Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard and all the sums with in the range will become automatically highlighted on your spreadsheet.

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