How to Paint With Automotive PPG

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    Aquabase Paint

    • 1). Activate the Aquabase paint by adding 10 percent of Aquabase activator by volume and stir thoroughly. Transfer the mixed product to an HVLP spray gun with a fluid tip set up of 1.2 to 1.4 mm. Plug the spray gun into an airline and adjust the compressor regulator to establish an air pressure of 35 PSI, or pounds per square inch.

    • 2). Hold the spray gun approximately 6 inches away from the surface of the auto body panel. Pull back the gun trigger to release the Aquabase paint and move the arm across the face of the auto body panel in a side-to-side horizontal motion. Ensure that the edges of the paint are overlapped by approximately 30 percent on each subsequent movement of the arm to ensure even coverage. Leave the Aquabase paint to cure for five minutes before applying a second coat.

    • 3). Apply the third and final coat from a distance of 9 to 12 inches and reduce the air pressure to approximately 28 PSI. Apply a light, even drop coat over the entire panel surface. Remember to "cross" the final coat by spraying the panel with horizontal movements before re-coating with opposite vertical movements. Leave to cure for 10 minutes before applying clear coat.

    Deltron Clear Coat

    • 1). Activate the Deltron clear coat with Deltron Hardener and Deltron reducer at a ratio of 2:1:10 percent. Stir the individual components together and leave the material to settle for five minutes so air bubbles are dispersed. Add the clear coat to an HVLP spray gun with a 1.4 mm fluid tip set up, and set the compressor regulator to 38 PSI.

    • 2). Apply one medium volume coat of clear coat from a distance of 6 to 8 inches, ensuring that each subsequent horizontal arm movement provides a 30 percent overlap of material. Remember that the first coat is only used to seal in the Aquabase paint and to promote a grip for the second application of Deltron clear coat. Leave the first coat to cure for five minutes.

    • 3). Apply a full second coat of Deltron clear coat using only horizontal arm movements. Do not use any vertical movements to cross the clear coat to avoid runs and sags. Ensure that all panel edges get a full application of paint, and leave to dry overnight at room temperature, or bake at 160 degrees F for 30 minutes if you have a low-bake oven.

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