Science Fair Projects to Make With a Model

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    • Build volcanoes to gain a better understanding of volcanoes. Add the models to your science fair display. Clay, Play-doh and papier-mache are the most common media students use to make a model volcano. You can build shield, cinder and composite volcanoes to represent the three main types of cones. Another option is to build two models of a well-known volcano like Mt. Saint Helen's, creating one before and one after an eruption. Students can simulate an eruption using red food coloring, baking soda and vinegar.

    Solar System

    • Choose a hypothesis about the solar system. Using Styrofoam balls in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches, create the planets of the solar system. Use a 6-inch ball to make the sun. Look at pictures of the eight different planets and paint the balls to match them. Paint the sun yellow. Push bamboo skewers into each planet and connect them to the sun in the correct order. Set the sun in a clear, round flower vase to support your solar system.

    Model Rockets

    • Choose a topic involving model rockets. For example, how does the number of parachutes affect the time of descent on a model rocket? The number or power of the engines you attach to the rocket will also provide young scientists with a good hypothesis. Purchase model rockets and engines in kits or make them from scratch.

    Earthquake Faults

    • Choose a project on the different types of earthquake faults and their tectonic settings. Use a map to identify the locations of each type of fault. Use colored clay to construct each fault. For each fault, flatten four pieces of clay, each a different color. Stack them together. Cut the normal fault at an angle and slip one piece over the other. Cut the strike-slip fault straight down and push the two sides in opposite directions. The colliding faults should be cut and pushed toward one another.

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