How credit card sales can get you a cash advance

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For the small business owner who needs a major infusion of cash into his business immediately, the commercial lending means is not a workable option. What they will have to turn to is the merchant cash advance lenders. This industry has been around for almost a decade and has been successfully servicing businesses who find themselves in a bind financially. The rate of interest you pay on your premium is around 30 per cent, however, it still is better bet compared to a commercial cash advance.

So how exactly does it work does a business cash advance work? It works on the premise that it is lending you a portion of your future sales at a rate of interest. This means having credit card sales capability is an advantage. There are of course several other organizations that will finance a company that does not have the option to accept credit cards.

In a merchant cash advance, you get a lump sum with which to deal with your financial requirements. Each month, you will have to repay this amount in the form of percentages of your monthly credit card sales. Should you be having a low sales month then you can hold off making a payment for a month. These loans give you the flexibility of repaying the amount anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Most merchant cash advance lenders promote themselves on the basis of them not being like commercial lenders. The deal that they offer you is one of purchase and sale of future income. This also means that they are not regulated by the rules and regulations that bind commercial lending organizations. They do not require fixed payments, but rather settle for a percentage out your credit card sales each month. This will go on till they have been able to recover the entire loan amount.

One of their primary advantages is that the percentage you pay back each month will vary with how good your sales have been. If you have had a particularly low month, then the amount you pay back will also come down. This happens without you having to worry about a loss of collateral or building up a bad credit history.

The merchant cash advance industry is one that is still in the fledgling state. Financial research shows that it has been able to penetrate just 10 percent of the industry and has a long way to go .
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