Causes of Adult Auditory Loss and Your Hearing Center

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If you visit a hearing center you will discover the causes of adult hearing loss.
There are over 28 million people in the U.
today who have auditory loss.
The causes can either show up as inherited or they can happen as we age.
One thing you can learn at a hearing center is how people hear.
It's a marvelous mechanical function where the sound waves vibrate and turn into nerve signals which your brain reads as sound.
Some of the more common causes of hearing loss: 1) Genetics 2) Illness/Disease 3) Medications 4) Exposure to loud and noisy environments 5) Tumors 6) Head injuries 7) Aging One of these causes is noise-induced loss.
This can be the result if you've listened for long periods of time to loud music or even in a work environment with loud machinery.
The higher decibels damage the hair cells in the inner ear.
There is a gradual reduction of hearing in this process.
There's no pain and the person may not even realize their hearing has been affected until it's too late.
Another type of loss is when a person loses their auditory sense suddenly due to exposure to a loud explosion.
This is called "acoustic trauma.
" If you are involved in an accident which results in a skull fracture, damaged eardrum or any other head injury, it's very probable hearing loss will follow.
Then of course there's the type of loss which happens as we age.
Both ears are usually affected over time.
People tend to notice it because speech starts to sound muffled as they attempt to carry on daily conversations.
Another cause not listed above is ear wax buildup.
It's hard to believe a simple thing as too much wax can begin to rob you of the joys of life.
But as the wax begins to build up and block the ear canal, it prevents conduction of sound waves.
This can happen to people of all ages and can be removed by a simple and painless procedure in your doctor's office or hearing center.
Decreased hearing ability is not a pleasant thing.
If you suspect any type of loss, it's best to visit a hearing center as soon as possible.
Not only will they be able to evaluate your hearing, but they'll also be able to fit you with an auditory aid.
These aids are designed to enhance your ability to hear.
They do not restore or "heal" this sense.
If you feel you may have suffered an injury or an illness or any one of the other common causes, do something about it.
Don't continue to live in a world of increased silence when you could enjoy life to the fullest.
You'll not only do yourself a favor and get the most out of life, but you'll also help those around you to continue to enjoy your company every day.
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