Stomach Fat Exercises to Achieve a Lean, Firm, Hard Tummy For Life

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A lot us dream about getting rid of our tummy fat.
The best way to do this is by performing stomach fat exercises but how do you know which exercises are the best and also what else you must do at same time? It is important to know that before you start the below exercises, you will see more results if you include them as part of an all over body workout.
Simply by carrying out the exercises below you will not burn up energy or raise your metabolism.
You need to raise your metabolism as this will allow the body to burn fat storage faster.
Also by preforming an all over body work this will leave us with energy after the work out and we will not be too tired to continue the day.
There are details available on other exercises that form an all over body work out but for the purpose of this article we are talking about stomach fat exercises only.
Do not forget that doctors also recommend before starting any all over body work out plan that a good warm up is needed before hand.
So the best stomach fat exercises are Torso twists Stand with your feet firmly on the ground and raise your elbows so they point out.
Turn your torso to the left till you feel the muscles straining.
Hold it for thirty seconds then move back to the middle position.
Now repeat with the right hand side.
Start off with doing twenty of these in one exercise routine and then increase as your body gets used to them.
Lie on your back with your feet on the ground so your knees are pointing upwards.
Place your hands behind your head.
Bring your left elbow to touch your right knee and at the same time make you left leg straight.
Repeat by bringing the right elbow to the left knee.
Start off on twenty each exercise session and increase as your body get used to them.
Sit ups.
Lie on your back with your feet on the floor so your knees are pointing upwards.
Place your hands behind your head.
Lift your head and move towards your knees, stop when you feel the strain on your stomach.
Hold it for 30 seconds, move your head back down and then repeat the exercise.
Start off with ten each exercise session and then increase when you get used to them.
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