The Most Suitable Hedge Trimmers

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Nothing can lift the beauty of a garden as nicely as bushes and hedges.
They provide natural boundary and a neat partition with unparalleled beauty, but at the same time it is also difficult to maintain.
It isn't actually if you have a nice piece of hedge trimmer.
Having this device can minimize time and effort to trim hedge to far extent, provide that you have chosen right trimmer.
Hedge trimmers are available in different designs and patterns.
These devices basically differ in blade designs that determine their efficiency.
You can find double-sided blades with single or dual-action blades.
The length of blades can be between 16 and 24 inches, but they can be also found in shorter length of 13 inches and longer length of 30 inches.
However, the basic classification of the hedge trimmers is still on their working pattern.
They come in cordless, electric and gas models.
Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Cordless hedge trimmers: This classification offers the ease of portability and minimum maintenance.
    Its engine starts effortlessly and don't causes pollution in the environment.
    But it too has a drawback and that is it has the least cutting power out of types of hedge trimmers.
    As it is powered battery, there is always a chance of loss of power in the mid way while cutting the bushes.
    Time to recharge the machine may take as long as 24 hours.
    Cordless models are worth for small tasks and touch-ups, but are unable to meet the abilities of an electric or gas trimmers.
  • Electric hedge trimmers: These are corded trimmers with a push button for quick start.
    It requires less maintenance and do not pollute the air.
    The device is light weighted so is easy to move and also costs low.
    Many electric models perform as good as gas models.
    Yet, it has a drawback that its area of movement depends on the length of extension cord.
    For any trimmer the required heavy-duty outdoor cord does not exceed length more than 100 feet.
    So you may find it difficult to work with if your greenery area is larger than the 100 feet.
  • Gas hedge trimmers: These are the best considered machine for trimming buses as it provide complete freedom of portability.
    Unlike electric and cordless models, this model is not limited to electric cord and battery charge.
    These models have two-cycle gas engines that offer abundant power of cutting hedges.
    But these two-cycle engines also emit a lot of smoke that pollutes the environment, make lots of noise and needs regular fueling every time before use.
    Besides, this can be tough to start and may need maintenance more than any other models.
    They are also expensive.
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