A Livethesource Review

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The health and wellness niche in the network marketing industry really is quite saturated now, it makes it very difficult to know which company to choose.
The only way to fight through the forest and rise above the noise is to have a unique selling point that no one else can match.
Livethesource have done that in their own way.
Although they are relatively new Livethesource are making some good headway and gaining a lot of customers, distributors and attention in the industry.
Ted Farnsworth was the original creator of the products and company, he has had previous extensive experience in bringing anti oxidant products to the market.
Jerry Rayman and Greg Barna also are in the management team, along with the scientific advisory board.
All have had plenty of knowledge from previous businesses.
At this time Livethesource are only doing business in the United States and Canada.
Being in the health & wellness sector it's all too easy to get lost in the crowd, as let's face it, there is a LOT of competition and also a lot of junk products floating around.
The products from Livethesource have however been getting good reviews all round.
They have a couple of products which differentiate them from the crowd, the 1st one being called Daily Source.
This would probably be regarded as their flagship product.
It's an all natural nano-encapsulated multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement; it contains a full dosage of essential minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants designed to help the human body function at its peak.
A unique selling point to this product is the fact that is make use of nanotechnology.
The use of this technology makes their product superior in that all the vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body much faster and more thoroughly, because the particles in the liquid are microscopic in size.
There have been many great testimonials about the product, even some from diabetics, who claim it's helped to stabilize their blood sugar levels.
Some people say that it can upset the stomach so it's best to take it with a meal or just after.
You might also like to check out their Symbiotic Diet product, it mixes up to a great tasting drink and will fuel your brain as well as assisting you with your diet requirements.
According to the packaging it will actually work to reduce your food cravings which of course is very useful to the dieter.
There have been over 20 clinical trials carried out on the product so far and more than 40 years of research have gone into it.
There is plenty of USP's for this product to help retail sales.
Making a living from Livethesource This company works on a uni level compensation plan, these can be very lucrative for someone who is good at building a team.
Your first impression may not be that great when you learn that the comp plan only pays to 4 levels.
They do however more than make up for it with their generational bonus which allows the real leaders to earn a lot deeper down into their teams.
In total you can earn 6 generations, which can mean you can be paid to unlimited depths which is very powerful.
For those that make it to Gold you will be eligible to receive a car bonus worth 1,600 dollars each month.
Plus there is the Ambassador bonus to go for.
Will you be profitable with Livethesource It's very possible yes.
What you need is a way to generate daily leads, put them through a PROVEN, scientific sales funnel, brand yourself as a leader (even if you are new) and build your network marketing company on the back end.
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