KEF HTB2SE-W Wireless Subwoofer with Accessories

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Here is a look at the KEF HTB2SE-W Subwoofer with its included accessories:
The subwoofer is shown here in its upright or vertical position. The stand is removable for horizontal placement.

On the bottom left is the wireless transmitter with its audio connection cable (connects the transmitter to subwoofer output of a home theater receiver), as well as the detachable power supply.

Moving right, in the center are the three screw-on feet that can be used to provide support for subwoofer if used in its horizontal position.

The screw on feet are inserted into three holes (the holes are covered in this photo - they are the three small rubber covers on the subwoofer driver lining). Also, note the illustration on the cover of the user manual that shows the subwoofer in both a vertical and horizontal position.

Next is the user manual, and finally, on bottom right is detachable power cord for the subwoofer.

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