Worrying Unnecessarily Affects Your Personal Development

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Many of us spend much of our time trying to avoid certain things in our lives.
We are trying to avoid them because we either don't like them or they are a cause of unnecessary pain or suffering.
What are the things you are trying to avoid in your life? How much time do you spend trying to avoid them? Yes we all try to avoid the many illnesses that are in the world today.
We try to avoid other things such as financial hardship, redundancy, unemployment, anxiety and suffering.
It's common sense to steer well clear of these, however just how much time are you spending trying to avoid them.
If you're not careful you'll end up spending far too much time avoiding them that you won't have anytime to spend on the more positive aspects of your life.
Also spending too much time worrying about them, what will happen to you and how you're going to deal with it should it happen will only raise your stress levels and make you ill.
You'll deprive yourself of any time to be happy and enjoy yourself with the important people of your life.
It's a sort of 'catch 22' situation; you're worrying about an illness such as stress and you end up becoming stressed and feeling unhappy.
This leaves you vulnerable to other illnesses and more likely to worry even more.
The level of your performance at work will be affected leaving you suspect for losing your job.
Changing your thought processes is a great start to reducing your worries, not an easy task I'm sure.
Changing your self talk to a more positive one is another option.
When you find yourself giving 'floor space' to negative self talk and worrying thought processes use positive affirmations to counteract them.
If it helps keep a record of events in your journal diary, this will allow you to review your progress at a later date.
Don't forget you are in charge of your thoughts so you decide the messages that pass through your mind.
You will see a change in your personal growth as your thought process changes.
Thank you for reading, please let me know what you think by sharing your experiences.
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