Help!I Can"t Stop Sweating

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Each and every day I go through the same problem and wish I had a solution for it - a cure to stop sweating.
You see, the air conditioner in my truck sprung a leak a while back and I have not been successful in locating the exact area that needs to be fixed.
My morning commute always turns into an ordeal as I have to deal with the heat on my one way one hour drive.
I have also found that I sweat even when the air conditioner in my office is running.
It is quite embarrassing having to run the fan in my office when it is a cool 70 degrees.
My only other option is to sit and sweat and hope no one notices the sweat stains on my shirt.
Are you suffering from the same kind of problem?Tired of over active sweat glands?So am I.
Here are a few solutions that may help you to stop sweating more than you need to: You can try using talcum powder to areas that may be prone to perspiration.
For me this area seems to be mostly in my under arms, my chest and my upper back and neck.
Another remedy is using an unscented, aluminum salt contained antiperspirant.
One that is targeted for use on palms and soles seem to work better.
Another thing I have also done is to wear an under shirt with my business dress shirts.
Nothing is worse than walking into a meeting with sweat stains or rings around your collar and underarm area.
I have actually had some people make comments to me after seeing my sweating problem up close and personal.
If you cannot stop sweating in areas like your feet then is sure to change and wash your socks regularly.
Also keeping an extra pair of socks at work or in your car can be extremely helpful.
Switch up your footwear daily and be sure to give your shoes or sandals ample time to air out between uses.
Applying some form of foot powder in your shoes and changing the insoles on a regular basis can also eliminate any funkiness and odors you may run into.
I can't tell you the problems that I have had with my sweating.
I actually keep an extra pair of clothes in my car and in my gym bag.
And this is for all types of events.
I have extra warm weather clothes such as shorts and a t-shirt.
I keep an extra dress set of clothes like pants and a nice shirt.
And I keep an extra pair of casual clothes such as Jeans and a nice t-shirt.
To stop sweating would mean the world to me, unfortunately it is just a part of life.
Some of us don't sweat enough or have a hard time breaking a sweat while the rest of us break a sweat just walking to the bathroom in the morning.
This is an area of my life I wish I could make a lot easier.
There are different solutions out there to help cure or reduce the amount that you sweat.
Just be sure to do your homework and check each one out before testing them to see what works for you.
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