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LEADconcept is a web design firm that works in multimedia development that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity) to inform or entertain the (user) audience. Multimedia also refers to the use of (but not limited to) electronic media to store and experience multimedia content.

As a multimedia corporation, we empower business and connect communities to facilitate operations and services. This results in a highly developed digital economy that enhances productivity and improved business processes and living standards.

Our web design firm assist companies by providing multimedia dynamic business profile, multimedia organizational and business presentations, multimedia flash presentations, advertisement production, B2B and B2C web portals, designing services and ecommerce solutions.

LEADconcept always believes in carrying out any project in accordance with some globally defined standards or phases. With respect to multimedia development, our software companies goes from Setup, Requirements, Design, Development, Delivery finally till Project Closure.

Every phase or more precisely combination of phases represents an explicit part of any typical multimedia project. If we categorize phases, the initial two phases (Setup - Requirements) denote the preparation and understanding the client requirements in detail that can be classified as concise, clear and comprehensive. The middle two phases (Design - Development) deal directly with our technical team who carry out the assignments as decided or defined or finalized by the client. Lastly (Delivery finally - Project Closure) relate directly with the client and the senior management.

Flash intros and banners are important they talk about the product not with the cold language of a reference book or sales-people but by intros that manipulate customers' attention. It highlights the best features of the project and downplaying the unattractive ones.

The difference between other software web development houses and our software company is the development technique that we employ in carrying out our work. LEADconcept combines the flash development by combining it with back-end databases directly without any intermediate layer of any other programming tool.

In multimedia development Flash Scripting is an Action Script that is defined as the scripting language of Macromedia Flash. A scripting language is a way to communicate with a program; it is used it to tell Flash what to do and at the same time ask Flash what is happening as the movie runs. This two-way communication creates interactive movies.

We consider multimedia as a new face for the websites as it represents various types of media contents bridged together. For instance, text with pictures or just a video clip are both rated as multi media. This induction of multimedia in the websites has given a new meaning to the internet age as it has made things more clear to understand and interesting. Besides this, internet has grown in leaps and bounds both in terms of technology and speed that has made many things much easier to comprehend. Anyone can watch a movie or listen to songs without going through the pain of downloading it.
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