How to Replace Parts of a Toilet

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    How to Replace the Toilet Flapper

    • 1). Turn off your toilet valve, which is behind your toilet. Remove the tank lid. Remove the chain from the handle. The other end will stay connected to the flapper, which is the rubber or plastic valve that is located in the center of your toilet tank. The flapper allows water from the tank to flow into your bowl.

    • 2). Lift the flapper ears and remove it from the toilet. You may need to slide the entire flapper off of the flush tower, which is white plastic and located underneath the flapper valve.

    • 3). Install the new flapper by unhooking the center portion of the rubber base and connecting the two ears back to the side of the flush tower. If your old flapper slid off of the flush tower, then don't remove the center rubber base and just slide it back over the flush tower. New flappers come with their own chain

    How to Install a Toilet Handle

    • 1). Remove the tank lid. You do not have to shut off the water just to replace a toilet handle. Disconnect the chain leading from the handle to the flapper. If it is stuck, pull the chain apart with your pliers. There is usually a small clip that opens and shuts. It is located at the end of the chain and attaches to the handle.

    • 2). Attach your channel lock pliers to the back of the handle. This is located on the inside of the tank. Remove the nut by turning it clockwise. Yes, the threads are reversed compared to normal. Remove the handle and discard.

    • 3). Install a new toilet handle by first removing the threading nut. Turn it clockwise to remove the nut. Install the toilet handle through the hole in the tank. Tighten counterclockwise by hand, then gently with your wrench. Don't overtighten or your handle may break. Hook up the chain to the handle. Turn on the water. Flush the toilet and make sure the flapper is working and doesn't leak or get caught up in the chain. Adjust the chain up or down on the handle if needed.

    • 4). Hook up the old flapper chain to the toilet handle via the clip. Adjust the chain slack up or down by choosing a different position on your new toilet handle. You don't want the chain too tight or too loose.

    How to Install a Toilet Fill Valve

    • 1). Turn off the main water valve. Attach your channel lock pliers to the bottom of the fill valve. This is located under the left side of the toilet. The fill valve controls the water flow from your water supply line and valve to your toilet.

    • 2). Remove the nut by turning it counterclockwise. Let the supply line go loose. Place buckets and towels on the floor directly under your fill valve to catch any water that leaks. Disconnect the short water hose that is connected to the side of your fill valve. Remove the valve by gently rocking it side to side and then lifting straight up. Remaining water in the tank will now flow into your bucket.

    • 3). Remove the parts attached to the bottom of the new fill valve. They are attached that way in the box to save space. Put your fill valve next to your old one and adjust the height until they are the same. This is done by turning the fill valve body and then lifting up or pushing down.

    • 4). Place the fill valve seal in the hole in the bottom of the tank. The large side needs to be facing up. Install the new fill valve down through the tank and into the fill valve hole. Place the fill valve nut on the underside of the valve and tighten with your channel lock pliers. Be careful not to overtighten. Reinstall the fill tube and clip to the flush tower. Turn on your water and let the tank fill up. Flush the toilet a few times and make sure everything works properly.

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