The Zumba Fitness Wii Game Details - The Best Fitness Dancing Wii Game This Holiday!

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Finally the Zumba Fitness is coming to Nintendo Wii thanks to Majesco Entertainment.
Zumba Fitness Wii game will give you all the things that the Zumba classes give you, only this time you will enjoy Zumba dancing at your home, maybe with your friends or family as it also features multi player mode.
Let me give you some details about this dancing program.
This dancing fitness program is popular in more than 70 countries and has more than 5 million enthusiasts.
Why? Because it gives you fun of dancing and at the same time you lose weight and get into shape.
The Zumba instructor shows you moves which you follow and dance on Latin rhythms with international urban dance steps.
All together creates Zumba Fitness.
But what about the game? This Wii game will provide you all you need related to Zumba classes.
You will get exclusive routines and songs which you will enjoy at your home dancing and losing weight.
There will be an on-screen virtual dancer which will show you Zumba moves which you will have to follow.
Make mistakes and the virtual image of moves will get red, orange or green if you do them right.
All the time you will get monitored by the Wii Remote, so be careful on how you perform! Do not worry, the moves are easy to follow, that is why this fitness dancing program is so popular.
For even more fun you will have an multi player mode where you will be able to play vs your friends or family.
Both player moves will be seen on screen, similar to other dancing Wii games! This Holiday more games will come out in dance genre such as Just Dance 2 or Michael Jackson the game, but Majesco will come out with even better one the Zumba Fitness Wii game! Are you ready? I hope so, because the game is coming out really soon.
The official Zumba Fitness game release date is November 30 and the game will be available for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation move and the Xbox Kinect device.
The first Zumba game to come out for the controller free gaming consoles.
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