What a Difference a Day Makes - a Survival Guide For Women - Book Review

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Simple, clear and cut-to-the-chase, this light humor non-fiction self-help book will encourage readers to embrace happiness - as it is right there for their taking.
Like most of us, Kerri Cartelli wears many hats that can end up draining her energy.
These can include titles such as mother of three, teacher, married woman, sister, daughter, friend, homemaker and author.
What A Difference A Day Makes - A Survival Guide For Women will show readers how to find positive peers and discover tips on learning how to be a friend.
For those of us who are isolated due to illness, careers - i.
writers, and those who work at home (entrepreneurs and homemakers), basic listening and sharing skills have not been exercised in some time.
Readers will learn the value of using journals, prayer or just plain talking to the walls as a healing tool.
Kerri recommends meditation and relaxation for short periods throughout the day; after all, how can we expect those in our midst to be calm and refreshed when we are not? Kerri writes about the importance of declaring one's intentions, rather than aspire to them or wish for them.
She gives tips on how to eliminate those negative voices in our head.
In the past, I have heard another positive living teacher supply the term "cancel, cancel" whenever a negative thought became apparent.
Kerri plugs into the modern readers by giving the key words "hit the delete button".
What A Difference A Day Makes shows how much energy is drained from individuals and where to draw the line in how much we should be taking upon ourselves.
Her chapter on regaining love was interesting, however I personally feel that men need more than just sex.
I think allowing them to feel how grateful you are for the little things they do, for who they are and their support of you is more important.
As women, we can easily emasculate a man that can result in fewer romantic situations.
Small cutting remarks and caustic or impatient replies can cause a crack to become a large gulf between you.
Looking for and acknowledging beauty, successes, cherished moments and acts by others throughout the day the best piece of advice I found in this book.
This is one thing I try to do when I am "talking to the walls".
I make sure to evaluate the day and find all of the things I am grateful for.
Sometimes they are so basic; like being grateful for having a roof over my head and heat in the winter.
At other times I become much more specific with individual and minuscule events.
I can speak from first hand experience how this simple act can help bring a person out of depression and negativity.
Before I close this review, I would like to mention that as a woman I was impressed by the beautiful author photo (on the back cover), which clearly shows the author as a woman who clearly looks content with herself and her place in life.
Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
Author: Kerri Cartelli ISBN 10: 1-4241-4556-2 (paperback) ISBN 13: 978-1424145560
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