Friendship Or Marriage Date Accordingly

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Online dating is one of the biggest online industries today - this is according to the experts. There are more than 5,000 dating websites out there most of them are based in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Asian countries also have substantial numbers of membership on these dating sites and because of this, many are speculating about the best dating site.

Not many people know that there are different types of online dating sites. Most especially in Britain, UK dating sites offers a lot of categories to choose from. You can choose one according to the type of service you want as well as the type of dates you wish to be acquainted with.

• Category Online Dating site

As the name suggest, this types categorise your date according to activities they are fond of, their line of work, their sex preference, and even life status. You would see websites that are exclusively for high class, while there are those that provides a dating network for lawyers, or Princeton graduates, or those who love horses, or nature lover. The choices are endless. The great thing about the category online dating sites is that, most people who sign up for membership shares the same interest. They have common ground, that could be their ice-breaker, before going for casual dating.

• Friendship dating network

For people who simply want to have a lot of friends, or people that they can chat with without sharing intimacy, then friendship dating network is best for you. One good example for this site is Facebook and My Space, as there are over 2 million members that you can share friendship with if you wish.

• Paid online dating site

As name suggests, you will have to make membership payment before you can sign up for this site. The reason why a lot of people would want to pay for their membership is because their identities are very well protected. It remains hidden from public viewing, in mature dating, this is very important, because there are a lot of syndicates out there that victimizes online daters. Members are also categorized accordingly, so you easily sort out the types that you wish to date. This feature is beneficial to those who want to date people of a certain sex; like gays and lesbians.

• General online dating services

These are free websites where just about anyone with email address can sign up with. Unlike paid online services, members are not categorized according to the type of people they wish to meet. Although UK Dating Sites is easy to use and there is an awful lot of them available online, it is still recommended that you use paid dating sites for better protection.

• Merging online dating services

This on the other hand is a bit complicated process, you would have to own a website where you can post your profile. This website will have a direct link that you can give to people your interested with using a card. You can use online cards or the usual calling card. Once they use the link written in the card, they will be automatically directed to your website.
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