How to Make My Own Leave-In Conditioner Using Conditioner

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    • 1). Pour 1 cup of a rinse-out hair conditioner into an empty spray bottle. Use a spray bottle that fits approximately 32 ounces of liquid.

    • 2). Add 2 cups of water to the bottle.

    • 3). Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin to the mixture to help your hair retain moisture. Glycerin is a natural humectant; it attracts moisture from the air and holds onto it.

    • 4). Wash your hair with a mild shampoo formulated for your hair type. Pat it with a towel to remove excess moisture. Spray your homemade leave-in conditioner only on the bottom half of your hair. Avoid spraying it on your roots, which can flatten down your strands.

    • 5). Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb, to distribute the conditioner and eliminate any tangles. Style your hair as usual.

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