How to Stop Your Headaches

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Headaches are caused by various triggers.
A recent body of research has found some surprising triggers that can cause headaches.
The good news is that there is something that you can do to bypass these triggers.
  • Standardize your wake-up time.
    If you are like most people, you set your alarm so that you wake up the same time every morning during the work week.
    But then you sleep in over the weekend.
    According to the National Headache Foundation "Changing your wake-up time alters brain function, lowering your pain threshold and make your brain's blood vessels more likely to spasm.
    " This can trigger painful tension or migraine headaches.
    The solution is to get up at the same time every morning--even on weekends.
  • Standardize your caffeine intake.
    Caffeine is not only a cause of headaches, but also a cure.
    If you increase your intake of caffeine by drinking more coffee or other caffeinated drinks, the constant flood of caffeine dampens the brain's ability to control pain.
    The best way to fix this is to slowly reduce the amount of caffeine that you ingest each day until you reach the lowest amount that you are comfortable with.
    Then drink that amount consistently.
  • Avoid arguments.
    According to St.
    Louis researchers, arguing or anything such as anger, annoyance or frustration can raise your headache risk as much as stress can by causing biochemical changes in the brain.
    To avoid this, trying calming yourself by writing down your feelings in a journal or venting to a supportive friend.
  • Level out your stress hormones.
    During the week while under stress, your body is pumping out stress hormones to offset any headaches that might be caused by stress.
    Then comes the weekend, when your stress levels plummet and therefore your protection against the pain.
    This can cause your headaches to flare up.
Headaches are not fun, especially if they are recurring.
Hopefully these hints will help you alleviate a headache recurrence.
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