Online Dating - Do You Know The Truth About Finding Love Online

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As we mature we realize truth is the foundation for all relationships.
That is one of the most frustrating issues of online dating...
it is hard to always find the truth! Stop and ask yourself this question: Do you know the truth about finding love online? I can honestly tell you the truth about finding love online is in knowing what you want and not settling for less.
With so many eligible singles online you do not have to compromise.
The main reason for being so selective in the beginning is this; all relationships take work.
So, if you start off dealing with someone that isn't a "fit" you are just asking for trouble and you deserve it! If you are looking for a single father because you are a single mother, please tell me why you are spending the majority of your online time communicating and building relationships with men that have no children and probably never will? If you are single, never married and looking for someone that has never been married? Can you explain why you spend hours of your online time with guys that are divorced multiple times? What about the guys that are just legally separated? You really seem to be enjoying their company! The truth about finding love online is simple: Do not go online looking for anyone, any body or anything until you know exactly what "it is" you are looking for.
Until then, you are wasting your time and everyone else's.
I strongly suggest to everyone to actually make a list of your "likes" and your "dislikes".
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