3 Simple & Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy Methods

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In this article I am going to discuss about home remedies for vaginosis.
Vaginosis is a bacterial infection that affects thousands of women the world over.
Some of its symptoms can be extremely embarrassing.
Most women would give anything to get rid of the infection for good.
There are a number of bacterial vaginosis natural cures which women can try out from the confines of their home.
These are remedies which have been used by women for centuries in vaginosis cure.
Vaginosis occurs due to a pH imbalance in the vagina.
Therefore any remedy must focus on re balancing the p H level so as to allow the good bacteria to grow, fight and control the infection causing bad bacteria.
There are many bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods which will help you accomplish this.
Most of the home remedies for vaginosis cure are simple and totally natural.
Plain yogurt with lactobacillus Yogurt with active and live "lactobacillus" is one of the most effective b v cures.
You can use it for vaginal application by dipping yogurt in a tampon or with the help of an applicator.
This bacterial vaginosis home remedy works to rebalance the "good" and the "bad" bacteria which is the main cause of the infection.
Tea tree oil suppositories or douches Inserting diluted Tea tree oil suppositories into the vagina for up to 6 weeks is another one of the most useful bacterial vaginosis natural cures.
Tea tree oil has potent anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and is very effective in treating bacterial infections.
However please note that this oil must never be applied directly on the vagina.
In many women direct application causes allergic reactions.
Ensure that you dilute the oil before use as per directions specified in the label.
Grapefruit seed extract Using a douche prepared with diluted grapefruit seed extract is another bacterial vaginosis home remedy.
Mix one teaspoon of Grapefruit seed extract with two cups of water for preparing the douche.
Just like tea tree oil this extract too must always be diluted before use failing which it may cause allergy.
There are many more such bacterial vaginosis natural cures which you can use to treat the infection.
Home remedies mentioned in this article for vaginosis cure are some of the most effective ones which are cheap on your pocket too.
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