When Will My Baby Start Crawling?

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Crawling isn't just a way for your baby to get around efficiently on his own.
It is also an important part of your baby's development and helps to strengthen his leg muscles for walking.
Around the six to 10 month mark is when most babies learn to crawl but keep in mind that all babies are different and some develop new skills at different ages to others.
Some babies never crawl but will shuffle along on their bottom or roll around (like my son did) or even wriggle along on their tummy in a kind of commando crawl.
Some may skip the crawling stage altogether and go straight to pulling themselves up and cruising along holding onto furniture then walking.
Once your baby has mastered how to sit up well unsupported (at around six to seven months old) they will gradually learn to move from a sitting position to being on all fours.
By this time your baby's leg, arm and back muscles will be strong enough to support his own weight and he will be able to hold his head up well to look around.
Over the next few months your baby will learn that he can rock backwards and forwards when his arms and legs are straight and his body is parallel to the floor.
Usually around the nine to ten month mark he'll discover that pushing off with his knees is the secret to getting mobile! He'll learn to go from all fours back to a sitting position and gradually over the next few months will become proficient at crawling! By the time your baby is twelve months old they should be pretty good at crawling and would have mastered cross-crawling, moving the opposite arm and leg together instead of using the arm and leg from the same side.
Remember once your baby starts crawling, you will need eye's in the back of your head! Make sure you baby proof your home with child safety locks on doors, cupboards and drawers and gates at the top and bottom of stairways.
As I mentioned earlier all babies develop at different rates and the ages listed are to be used only as a general guideline.
If your baby has not shown any interest in getting mobile by the time they are a year old, whether it's rolling, crawling or shuffling talk to your doctor.
And remember that premature babies will often reach many of their milestones later than children the same age.
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