How to Design Your Own Sales Page

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Are you tired of paying so much to get a sales page designed for your online sales? Don't get yourself stressed up again as I will be teaching you simple steps you can follow to design your sales pages yourself.
Steps 1.
Create a new folder on your desktop and name it "My Project".
On an empty space on your desktop, right click and then scroll down to "New" and then click "Folder".
A new folder appears.
Name it "My Project" 2.
Launch Microsoft Front Page if you have it installed on your system.
If you don't have it, you need to get it installed before you can continue with this tutorial.
Launch a new web page.
Go to "File", "New" and then click on "Page or Web" 4.
Click the "Create a new normal page" symbol to create a new blank web page.
I will advise you to save your web page immediately in your "My Project" folder on your desktop.
Go to "File", "Save As" 6.
Scroll down to your "My Project" folder and click on it and then name your file.
It is mandatory you name your first web page "index.
html" or if you have your home page uploaded already, you can name this "salespage.
You should now change the title of your web page by clicking on the "Change title" tab in the "Save As" dialog box.
"Click Ok" when you have done this.
This title appears in the browser window and is visible to visitors when they visit your site.
You can then click "Save" when you are through with these steps.
You are going to set the page properties of your web page.
You are going to change the background color.
Right click on an empty white space and click "Page Properties".
A dialog box appears.
Click on the "Background" tab 11.
Click on the drop down arrow button on the "Background" field and choose any color of your choice.
NB: You are free to explore this box as you can change a lot of things about your web page with this box.
Click "OK" when you are through.
The background color of the page changes.
You are now going to insert a table into your sales page.
Go to "Table", "Insert" and then click on "Table" 14.
The "Insert Table" dialog box appears and you are to define what you want for your table in the various fields.
You can use 1 for both the "Rows" and "Column" fields If you want your table to have one row and one column.
You can have the alignment as "Center" If you want it in the center of your page.
You should also define border size, cell padding and spacing respectively and also the width of my table (most times I have left all of these at default).
Click OK when you are through.
Now you can make the background of your table to have a white background so that contents of your sales page can be visible when you import them there.
Right click in the table and click on "Table Properties".
You should now change the background color by clicking the drop down arrow on the "Background color" field and select color white.
Click OK.
The table background turns white.
I expect you to have typed and formatted your sales page contents in Microsoft word and you can just copy and paste directly into your table on your sales page (place the insertion point in the table and just copy and paste your contents into your table from word environment).
Let me show you how you can do simple formatting of your texts in Microsoft Word environment.
Type your text, highlight them, make them bold (press Ctrl B).
If you want it italicized (press Ctrl I) and then click the "Font Size" drop down arrow and select a size of your choice.
With the texts still highlighted, you should now pick the font color by clicking on the "font color" drop down arrow and select a color of your choice.
Make sure you save your sales page.
Congratulations, this is your sales page.
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