COPD Bacterial Infection Symptoms

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    Difficulty Breathing

    • Individuals with COPD and a bacterial infection may experience shortness of breath that becomes worse during physical exertion.

    Persistent Cough

    • COPD caused by a bacterial bronchitis infection may cause a persistent cough.

    Yellowish Sputum

    • An individual with COPD and a bacterial infection may cough up yellowish sputum, which is comprised of mucus and phlegm.


    • Bacterial infections in those with COPD will cause a low-grade fever and chills.


    • COPD does not have a cure, but symptoms can be alleviated. Smokers should stop smoking as this only makes COPD worse. Inhalers and medications may be prescribed to treat symptoms. In severe cases, surgery may be required to remove parts of the lung that have been severely damaged.

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