3 Keys to Your Anxiety Solution

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Anxiety is a perfectly normal feeling.
It is just imagining worst scenarios as we wake up to face another day of stress and worry.
When anxiety takes over and begins to interfere with our normal activity, we have to find an anxiety solution.
Here are three keys to solve the problem.
When we start on the anxiety treadmill, our body reacts and produces the fight or flight hormone, known as adrenaline.
Nothing wrong with adrenaline in small doses but in excess, it can lead to all sorts of problems and we are faced with finding anxiety solutions.
These can range from medication to CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) to pet therapy, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.
Learning to breathe Lots of anxiety sufferers find deep breathing techniques helpful as it can reduce hyperventilation which is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety.
There are various techniques that can be tried.
One good way to increase the amount of carbon dioxide which will help us stop hyperventilating is to blow into a paper bag and then inhale the air we have blown into it.
I know this has worked to stop dizziness which is a common symptom of hyperventilation.
This is one simple key to an anxiety solution.
Obviously eating a diet to increase both antioxidants and EFA (essential fatty acids) can actually help us reduce anxiety and can enhance our mood.
I am not too keen on the rule that some doctors give about avoiding any of the brown foods such as coffee tea, chocolate, meat and red wine! Pet therapy The second key to our anxiety solution is to consider pet therapy.
Did you know that pet owners have fewer heart attacks, fewer strokes and are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression? This seems to be one of the most effective of anxiety solutions as it is good for all round health.
Just think, it only takes from 15 -30 minutes watching a cat at play to feel less anxious as the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) is reduced by this simple activity! It also increases the level of serotonin, a brain chemical essential in enhancing our good mood.
One of the best anxiety solutions I know of is to try a simple herbal preparation prepared by herbalists who know what they are doing and who also work in a FDA recognized facility.
The herbs, such as St.
John's Wort and the Passion flower are proven remedies for reducing anxiety.
Why don't you click through to my website to find out how this could be the safest and most effective anxiety solution for you?
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