How to Open a Pool That Has Green Algae

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    • 1). Remove the cover from the pool, and wash, dry and put it away.

    • 2). After you have uncovered the pump, turned it on, placed the dial to filter, put in the skimmer basket, and removed any winter plugs you put in, add chlorine to shock the pool. The first shock is always three times more chlorine than what you would put in under normal use conditions. Add the correct amount of chlorine according to the directions on the bottle. This should be done after sunset.

    • 3). Allow the filtering system to run for 24 hours.

    • 4). Brush the sides of the pool down the next day. Use the pool vacuum to vacuum the bottom of the pool. Use a rag to loosen any algae clinging to the steps.

    • 5). Test the water with the pool test kit as the pH and chlorine levels will need to be leveled. Take water into the test tube. Compare it to the color chart for the chlorine and the pH. You will need to add pH reducer to lower the pH, which will be high because of the winter and the shocking. Use the reducer according to the directions on the bottle. Add to the water. The ideal pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 on the test tube. Adjust the chlorine to the ideal color on the test tube. Continue to run the filter.

    • 6). Turn the pump filter dial to automatic after the pool has filtered for 48 hours. Retest the water and make adjustments as needed.

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