How to Survive a Plane Crash

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    • 1). Know where you are on the plane. As you board, count how many rows you are from the exits. If your plane goes down and there is smoke, you will be able to count the rows until you are safely to an exit.

    • 2). Know the plane's safety procedures. Read the safety card and actually pay attention to the flight attendants' demonstration. Knowing the safety procedures will greatly improve your survival chances after a plane crash.

    • 3). Prepare for a crash landing. Cross your hands on the seat in front of you and place your head in your hands. Stay in this position until the plane has come to a rest.

    • 4). Get to the nearest exit quickly. After the plane comes to a stop, get out as fast as possible because the plane can fill with poisonous fumes very quickly. Stay low to the ground and get out as fast as you safely can.

    • 5). Move as far away from the plane as you can. Get behind something large, like a building or a large tree for cover, in the event that there might be an explosion.

    • 6). Leave everything on the plane. Don't waste your time looking for your bag or your laptop. Things can be replaced; your life, unfortunately, cannot.

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