Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for July 2, 2007

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Without a doubt, hands down, the star of the show this week was David Vickers and the best part of it for me was the fact that he brought out all the things I love best about one of my very favorite characters, Viki Davidson.

But first let’s start with David’s first venture into finding a place to hang his towel. He surely had no idea that he’d come up against such a powerful, man hungry woman when he tried to steal a key to a room at Roxy’s Angel Square Hotel while he thought she was passed out at the front desk.

I thought it was just too funny when she woke up and caught him red handed. Her suggestion that David stay with her wasn’t very well received, was it? I don’t think David expected Roxy to come on that strongly in her quest to get him into her clutches and I just about died laughing when she suggested, “I could be the warden, you could be the inmate. Maybe you could spend a couple of days in the hole.” Could anyone but Roxy get away with saying something like that? Even funnier was the way David ran away like a mob of mad, rabid dogs was after him.

Okay, I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed David and his antics with Viki throughout the week. It worked so perfectly well for Viki when she had just about had her fill of Dorian and Clint marching into her house babbling about Jessica leaving the hospital, then she opened the door to find David there as if he forgot his key saying, “Viki, what’s for dinner?” I loved the way it made Dorian seethe with anger and it was hysterically funny when David tried to get Viki to let him stay while Dorian ranted on about his nerve at trying to move in with Viki.

Viki just looked at her and said, “Was anyone talking to you?” David was priceless when he said to Viki, “All I ask for is maybe the carriage house, a car and I promise if I wear my slingshot I have to stay in the backyard.” The thing that makes everything ten times funnier is that the prim and proper Viki knows just how to play along with him to get the maximum disgust and jealousy out of Dorian and Viki enjoyed every minute of it.

It is obvious that Dorian and David still love each other and David enjoys getting her riled up. It really bothers him that Dorian is with Clint and this is how he handles it. Fine by me. And it is so evident that Dorian still loves David. Even though she has worked her hardest to snag Clint and even though I think she has feelings for him, it is still all about hurting Viki. That was very evident when Dorian had the opportunity to put David and Viki out of her mind and spend a romantic night with Clint and she couldn’t resist going back to Viki’s house to take some more jabs and Viki and David. Do you think Clint is getting the message here? He asked Dorian to take the high road and that’s like telling her to stop shopping for a day. Impossible.

More laughs followed when Viki was getting ready for bed and David walked into her bedroom wearing nothing but that little bath mat. My first thought was that in Viki’s mansion there must be about 200 luxurious, huge bath sheets and David chose that little bitty mat to cover himself with. It was too funny, especially when he assured Viki that if he stayed with her in her bedroom he could “make it worth her while.” I was thinking that Viki shouldn’t be too hasty about throwing him out. I can think of worse things than sharing a room with David. But it wasn’t nearly as funny as the scene where Dorian barged into the bedroom and David threw Viki on the bed and started kissing her. Dorian didn’t want to believe a bit of what she was seeing, but I loved it all, especially when Viki, in her attempt to make Dorian believe it all, pushed David up against the door and laid a big one on him. Viki may be the prim and proper lady of the manor, but she can play ball with the best and you can tell how much fun she has doing it. And there was Dorian running home expecting Clint to be waiting in bed for her. Do you think she’ll be upset for more than a minute? Not me. She’ll be plotting how to get back and Viki and David before she can pour herself a glass of sherry.

So, Marty has finally admitted to John that Miles blackmailed her into that sham of a marriage. Did she think he wouldn’t figure it out? She keeps telling him that she was protecting Cole, but I don’t know why she doesn’t tell him that Miles threatened to hurt him, too. John doesn’t need her protection, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to know that Miles has made some nasty threats directed at him.

And we’re all finding out that there is no end to what Miles will do to get what he wants. He was totally ready to throw Marty into the fire when John threatened him and told him that the marriage was over. Miles thought he had John by the throat when he told him it was his duty to reveal what he knew about Marty’s involvement in Spencer’s murder.

And you can tell that John has some real feelings developing for Marty in the way he defends her and is trying to protect her. It’s more than just the fact that he’s doing his job, but it is also obvious how much feeling John still has for Natalie. It was the usual John/Natalie give and take when she tried to interfere when she felt John was harassing Miles, but John still has fierce protective instincts where Natalie was concerned as he looked Miles in the face and said, “If you hurt her I’ll rip your heart out” and then tells him to get an annulment or he’ll be his worst nightmare. Miles doesn’t seem too afraid of John. I guess he thinks he’ll figure out a way to get John out of his way and stop him from interfering in his and Marty’s life. Hah! But John sure meant business when they were out in the alley and Natalie checked on them as she left and John said to Miles, “Don’t even look at her.” John also didn’t forget to tell Natalie that she looked pretty. What is going on with John and his women?

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