Barbie Dolls

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Barbie Dolls

Over fifty years ago now, one Mum in America decided to find a way to create a 3D doll that her daughter could play with to replace the paper dolls she loved to dress up. Lucky for this Mum, whose name was Ruth Handler, that her family happened to own a toy company. The toy company was called Mattel, she named the doll Barbie (after her daughter) and the rest is history, people have been choosing to buy Barbie dolls UK wide ever since.

Barbie has changed a lot over the last half a century and yet she is still as popular as ever, both with girls who love to play with Barbie dolls and all of the great Barbie doll accessories that you can find these days and with the grown ups who make it a serious hobby to buy Barbies as collectors items.

When they do want to buy Barbie dolls UK customers have a lot of different ones to choose from, especially since Barbie also has a lot of "friends". Ken has been Barbie's boyfriend - on and off - for fifty years and her sister Skipper has been around for almost as long and over the years she has gained a lot of new friends, even big pop stars like The Saturdays!

Living the Barbie Life

The other thing that Barbie has become famous for is her fabulous lifestyle. Barbie doll fans know that she has always had a Barbie Dreamhouse to call her own, although the size and styles have changed over the years, as well as a pretty cool selection of Barbie cars.In the 21st century Barbie is also a career girl, although her jobs do change a lot - she has been everything from a vet to a TV anchor and a glamorous pop star.

Collector Barbies

Apart from the little guys who love to play with Barbies there are lots of people - often adults - who collect the many special edition dolls that are released every year. When they buy Barbies UK collectors tend to want to have them all, from the Barbie Holiday doll who is released every Christmas to specially themed Barbies like the Barbie Hunger Games doll that has been a big hit with Barbie fans of all ages recently.

Everything Barbie!

The Barbie craze does not stop at just Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories. Barbie fans can steal some of Barbie's style for themselves with Barbie fashion sets ,challenge themselves with a Barbie puzzle game and even add cool Barbie styled decor to their rooms.

When its time to buy Barbies UK fans have almost endless options to choose from and Mattel launch more new products all the time. Check out more great Barbie merchandise at and follow us on twitter @yourtoystoreuk for all the latest updates on awesome toys.
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