Are Artificial Sweeteners Making You Fat?

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I want to talk to you about artificial sweeteners because I think there is a lot of confusion on this subject. There is this misconception that artificial sweeteners are healthy because they are replacing sugar and corn syrup. Artificial sweeteners are in vast amounts of food everywhere you turn. There are numerous types of artificial sweeteners that take on different names. Without mentioning specific names, I will be using artificial sweeteners in a broad sense.   

  One particular brand can be very toxic. So, let's get to how this substance can be toxic. First off, did you know that a product knowingly contains an ingredient that is carcinogenic but it is less than 2% of its total chemical make-up, it doesn't have to be listed in the ingredients nor does it have to be tested for product safety or labeled as a carcinogen. The FDA says that the product purity tested at 98%, so what's in the other 2%?    

  acetone  acetic acid  acetyl alcohol  acetic anhydride  ammonium chloride  benzene  chlorinated sulfates  ethyl alcohol  isobutyl ketones  formaldehyde  hydrogen chloride  lithium chloride  methanol  sodium methoxide  sulfuryl chloride  trityl chloride  toluene  thionyl chloride   

  Although these hidden substances have guidelines specified by manufacturers, it doesn't necessarily mean they met since they don't have to be reported. Some of the adverse health effects that artificial sweeteners induce are headaches, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, cancer, as well as many others.   

  These harmful sweeteners are in almost everything including diet sodas, lite yogurt, almost all sugar-free or reduced sugar foods, ice cream, as well as many protein powders. Take a look next time you read the ingredients. You'll be surprised at what you find.   

  Let's get into how these artificial sweeteners can also pack on the pounds.   

  Remember how sugar affects the blood sugar and creates an insulin spike? This causes cravings and an endless death spiral straight for fat storage. Well... artificial sweeteners do just the same as real sugar. Artificial sweeteners may save you calories while your consuming them, but studies have shown that they cause an increase in appetite for sweets and other bad carbohydrates which cause you to eat more calories at the end of the day.   

  Basically your trading one evil for another when substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar or corn syrup.   

  So, what are some good substitutes for sugar. You can opt for raw honey, organic maple syrup, or sorghum syrup. All of these still contain calories just like regular sugar, but instead of providing nothing but empty calories, they also provide antioxidants and nutrients as well. Refined sugars provide no nutrients which makes it worse than the others above because by providing no nutrients the body continues to crave more food in search of those nutrients.   

  Let's now take a look at what you are really looking for in a sweetener. The perfect sweetener should be sweet, healthy, and low calorie. I have the perfect remedy for this and it's called Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener made from a South American plant. It is made in powder form and is said to be 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. It has no adverse health concerns and is a much better substitute for sugar than its toxic artificial counterpart. Why would you want to ingest something artificial that your body doesn't recognize when you can use a natural substance such as Steviva. This is a blend of Stevia with another natural sweetener called erythritol. Give it a try. It's one of the best I've found over the years, and is fantastic in everything from tea to yogurt.    

  I hope you enjoyed my discussion on artificial sweeteners, and I hope you make the decision to make a change today not only to reach your fitness goals but to become healthier as well.   

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