How to Tell If Your Ex Will Want You Back

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Pay attention to the actions of your ex.
Have they shown that they want to hang out with you now more than ever before? Have they gone out of their way to do something nice for you since the break up? Or better yet, have they flirted with you in obvious ways since breaking up? If your answer is yes then chances are they want you back.
Don't jump the gun though because in the end, who knows? Those actions are all signs that your ex wants you back.
Just try not to jump into it full throttle because you might end up ruining the reuniting of you and your ex simply by being too easily available.
Playing the old game of being hard to get is the best way to go about it, just be sure to use only in moderation.
Don't play with people's emotions because that is an evil thing to do.
Usually when there is a break up the two will both miss each other.
Missing each other will be especially apparent if it was a long term relationship of a year or more.
You both will miss each other simply because of all those memories shared.
Avoid being over confident about wondering if your ex wants you back because it is totally possible that they don't.
Then again, it is more likely that your ex is wondering the same about you.
Not jumping into getting back with an ex is very important.
Take time to consider a few evil scenarios first.
Doing that will make sure you analyze your ex and the relationship that came with them.
Unfortunate as it may be sometimes exes have an alternative motive on their mind such as wanting you back only to get revenge.
Have a discussion with your ex about the possibilities of getting back together will help you see if your ex is playing a game or being sincere.
You must also be sure that your ex doesn't just need attention because that will not make for a successful second run.
If you are sure that your ex is being honest about wanting you back then move on the addressing the past problems that caused the breakup in the first place.
You must be successful at the "forgive and forget" stage in order to start again with a clean slate.
Old problems can't stay in the picture for obvious reasons.
It is completely normal for anyone who has been through a break up to feel like getting back with an ex.
The majority of people out there have been in those shoes time and time again.
Just be positive that your ex is being sincere about wanting to give it another try and draw attention to the problems that first caused the break up.
Only then will you two be able to try again.
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