No More Snoring!

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If you snore, or particularly if your sleep partner snores, you are probably willing to do whatever it takes to insure no more snoring! I once spent two weeks in an airport hotel near the end of a runway of a major international airport.
I timed incoming flights at about one every 1.
5 minutes.
While most cities restrict air traffic after a certain hour (usually around 11 pm or midnight) my schedule required I be in bed by 9 pm in order to get at least 7 hours of sleep.
Did you every try to sleep as 767s fly directly overhead every other minute? There is no way.
They are extremely loud.
How loud is the snoring of your partner? Many people who snore reach a decibel level of 90 - about the same decibel level of a 747 passing overhead! It is no wonder you are easily irritated during the day - you don't get any sleep at night! Do you wish for a life with no more snoring? Let's take a quick look at what causes snoring and then find some cures - after all, we want you to get some much needed sleep! In the back of the mouth and throat there are collapsible tissues that should relax during sleep, allowing air to flow through them.
If these dangling parts are "flipped" by passing air that causes them to strike each other and vibrate - the result is the snoring sound.
Generally speaking, folks that snore have an excessive amount of these fleshy tissues in their throat.
This may be caused by abnormal adenoids, being overweight, or having an extra long uvula or soft palate.
Snoring is also caused by obstructed nasal passages and even something as simple as mouth breathing during sleep.
For you have no more snoring problems in your life, you need a cure for snoring.
Let's take a look at some snoring cures: When snoring is caused by excessive tissue in the throat, it needs to be removed.
Many times just losing weight will accomplish this.
If weight is not the problem, however, a surgical procedure might be required.
There are different techniques used to surgically eliminate unwanted tissues.
Some involve scraping while others use an electric appliance to disintegrate the tissue which will then be reabsorbed by the body.
Most nasal problems are simply caused by the size of the nasal passages.
Aids such as breathing strips are designed to increase the size of your nostrils, allowing you to breathe easier.
When a deviated septum causes nasal problems, however, it may require a surgical repair.
If allergies are the problem, the snorer needs to find an allergy medication that allows them to breathe normally.
Snoring due to mouth breathing can usually be cured by simply changing to nasal breathing during sleep.
Many exercises will accomplish this naturally.
There are also mechanical snoring devices such as chin straps that will force you to breathe through your nose.
You don't have to sleep next to a 90 decibel jet plane! There are snoring cures that really work! Imagine no more snoring in your life! Imagine getting a good night's sleep each and every night: No more long sleepless nights!
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