Follow These 3 Paladin Leveling Tips and Get a WoW Paladin Leveling Guide

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In the World of Warcraft, a Paladin is the Knight in shining armor.
The Paladin was initially introduced for the Alliance faction only.
The Paladin is a combination of a warrior and priest, which makes it a hybrid class.
When the Burning Crusade was released, the class became accessible to the Horde through the Blood Elf race.
While the Paladin does not come close to either of its base class, but the class is quite flexible.
The Paladin class is ideal for you if you want to have the combat skills of the warrior and the preservation and healing abilities of the priest.
As you play, you will be able to change the primary role of the Paladin by switching between causing damage, healing and tanking.
Following is a brief guide of what talents are best for you to level your Paladin quickly and what spells you should use to defeat as many foes as possible.
The following tips will also give you hints to play your Paladin more efficiently.
While you will find the following tips quite useful, but it is still recommended that you find a proper WoW Paladin Leveling Guide, which will provide you with in-depth guidance as to how you can take your Paladin to the level 80 cap.
Paladin Leveling Tips 1.
The Best Leveling Spec
For the Paladin, Retribution is the best leveling spec.
This is because its damage output is high, while its mana usage is minimal.
It is argued that a good way of leveling a Paladin is protection; however, leveling with a partner (Mage/Healer) is always better for this case, since large of mobs can be taken down at once.
This is why; for solo leveling, Retribution is the ideal spec.
You can always choose talents as protection for leveling.
Even with the right protection talents you can manage to level your Paladin anywhere from 40 to 65, and even more if you follow a good leveling guide.
Instances - Some bosses do a great deal of damage from school of magic and learning Resistance Auras will protect your Paladin against them.
- Don't forget to use your Blessings to buff other members of your party.
Make sure you give the right buff, for instance, don't give a Warrior BoW or a Warlock BoW.
- Use BoW on your Paladin when healing.
Since healing costs a large amount you regain the mana quickly this way.
Solo - Whenever you need to heal, use Flash of Light to heal yourself.
Having the Art of War talent will be helpful in this case because you will instantly get Flash of Light heals after you do Crits with your moves.
- Bandages can be helpful too.
If you feel you are using a lot of mana to heal your Paladin, then use this.
If you are really low on health, then you can protect yourself by using some very useful methods: - Use a Heal after using Hammer of Justice.
- Use a Heal after using Repentence, which you can gain once through talents.
- Use Hammer of Justice and then use a Heal.
- Use a Heal after using Divine Protection, or if your target is on low health, then use Heal after killing it.
Professions - Mining/Skinning are the best options, you can make a lot of money; you will get critical strike rating by Skinning, and you will get health by Mining.
You might not need these small bonuses, but they will still come in handy.
Your Paladin's stats should be in the following order: - Strength: You will need it for Attack Power.
- Stamina: You will need it for Health.
- Intellect: You will need it for mana; you will also get critical strike chance; you will need it for heals and other spells.
- Agility: You will need it for Critical Strike chance, and you will also get armor.
- Mana Per 5 Seconds: Until outland, you won't find a lot mana, and that is perhaps the only place you will need it since you will be using Divine Plea in Notherend for mana.
These tips will definitely prove to be helpful as you progress through WoW with your Paladin.
However, if you really want to take your Paladin to the maximum level, then you should look for the right WoW Paladin Leveling Guide.
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