How Can You Grow Taller With Nutrition? Simple Eating Tips! (Part 2)

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First things first, if you haven't read "Part 1" of my series, go back and read it now.
That article has essential information about the roles of calcium, proteins and water in your growing taller diet.
Definitely worth reading.
This article, however, is about vitamins.
These need to be regulated in order for you to grow taller.
Don't worry, it's not difficult to do, but a few things need to be learned first.
Vitamins aren't all the same, they're split into categories, here they are: 1.
Fat-soluble vitamins(vitamins A, D, E and K): These vitamins are usually taken in from eating meats, poultry and dairy products.
In short, anything that came from an animal contains fat-soluble vitamins.
These vitamins are stored in fats (of course), so if you take an excess of these, they will not pass out of your system.
This is important to consider, because it means you will have a reserve of vitamins, so they do not have to be taken that often.
Water-soluble vitamins: These are stored in water, which means that if they are taken in excess, they will just pass out of your system in waste products such as urine and sweat.
Since they are not kept in system, they should be taken regularly.
These are also found in meat and fish, but also vegetables and fruit.
Other: One thing to consider is that the modern methods of processing foods mean that vitamins can be lost in production.
This makes it even more important than ever to eat fresh produce that is not processed, or packaged.
An exception to this is frozen fruit and vegetables, because during freezing, the vitamins are locked into the food.
Finally, make sure to eat a rich variety of foods, in order to take in all of the vitamins.
It's not too hard to do, since the levels of vitamins are clearly labeled on product packaging.
Vitamins are essential to almost every bodily process, so it's vital to keep levels high.
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