How to Line the Lower Lids

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    • 1). Choose an eyeliner shade appropriate for your eye color. The Covergirl website recommends brown or navy liner for those with blue eyes, dark brown for those with brown eyes and light brown for those with green eyes. The website suggests charcoal or gray eyeliner shades if you want a more dramatic look.

    • 2). Place your finger just above your cheek and gently pull the lower lid down. For a smoky-rimmed look, "Glamour" magazine suggests placing the tip of the liner on the rim of the eyelid. For a more natural look, the magazine suggests lining the border of the eye, the area right outside the ridge created when the eyelid is pulled down.

    • 3). Trace the shape of the eye along the natural curve from just outside the outer corner (or the midpoint, depending on the look you wish to achieve) to the inner corner.

    • 4). Remove excess or smeared liner by gently dabbing the unwanted makeup with a cotton swab and makeup remover.

    • 5). Dust sheer powder under the eyes with a small makeup brush. This can prevent eyeliner from running and will limit smudging, according to "Glamour."

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