The Various Post Shapes For 4 Poster Beds

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The bed is one of the major focal points in any bedroom.
  But in terms of making a grand statement, the 4 poster beds are the top choice.
  Since the style of the posts are only limited by imagination and a wood lathe, the options for a custom designed are endless.
  However, the retail world contains two basic shapes of posts that compliment most styles.
  The difference between the two is mainly one of preference since both types of posts will easily fit into most styles.
The square posts are the choice of those who like the look of really clean lines.
  While they are typically considered a traditional choice, they also fit into the clean, modern lines that is marking today's trend in home decor.
  4 poster beds with squared edges can be very heavy making a solid statement.
  This is usually accomplished with larger posts and darker wood.
  But the squares can offer a very light touch as well.
  With smaller sized posts and light wood, the addition of a fabric canopy can give these beds an airy look.
The round posts of 4 poster beds offer an old world feel.
  They date back to the Victorian era where every single piece of furniture was treated as an individual work of art.
  The rounded posts offer a variety of options on their decoration from the intricately carved posts that offer many interesting things to look at or the more simplistic circular decorations.
  They can also be found free of decoration, a statement in their own right.
  As with the square pegged shape, a canopy can be added for a light, dramatic look.
As important as the shape of the posts on the 4 poster beds are, the type of material used for the posts will help make the statement.
  Wood varies from the light to the dark in the more traditional choices.
  The dark wood offers a solid, grounding force.
  Light wood offers light, airy vibes especially when paired with a fabric.
  While wood is the more popular choice, metal is also a choice.
  Most often it is black iron but you can practically use any material to make the posts.
  But it is the statement that these beds make that define the bedroom.
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