Holidays and Family Gatherings: Stay Relaxed, Even When You"re Busy

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When you become stressed, your gratitude levels typically drop.
You have other things on your mind.
The holidays are often a time for family and friends to get together.
Sometimes, that's the only time people see one another.
If that's the case for you, there are usually a lot of activities your family will want to engage in.
It's important that you make time to enjoy a little peace and quiet.
It is easy to get caught up in all the activities and before you know it, you can get cranky! However, you can even be relaxed amid the frenetic hustle and bustle of the holidays.
Being peaceful is about the frame of mind you're in, no matter what you're doing.
Take a 'Pause' and make a quick mental checklist of what you are grateful for.
You can remain calm and have peace no matter what's going on around you.
Peace comes from the inside rather than from the circumstances of your life or from the people around you.
Feel the gratitude as you make that realization.
Avoid Letting "Busy" Mean "Stressful" When people are busy, they often succumb to stress.
You can be the exception.
When you focus on the things that matter to you and put your whole heart into doing something, your concentration and interest in the task will keep you from focusing on things like stress and anxiety.
You can banish anxiety and live stress-free (or at least make if much more manageable).
Busyness is okay, especially around the holidays, as long as you keep things in perspective.
Stay busy with the things you enjoy, and avoid allowing yourself to be busy because of the demands of other people.
Ask for help instead of taking on everything that comes your way.
It's okay to say no to someone when you say it with love and kindness.
Delegation is Your Friend Family gatherings can become ultra stressful when you fail to delegate to other people.
Avoid doing it all.
Let some things go, or get other people to do them.
Inform those involved that the things they want done require their willingness to help.
Believe it or not, please feel better when they know they can help you out! They feel grateful for being able to assist you! What matters is that you have love and joy in your home.
It may be time to avoid people who expect the world without contributing any joy to your life.
You have to live for you.
Enjoy the people in your life, celebrate the gathering, express your gratitude towards one another.
And above all, have fun! If you work together with friends, family, and others to assign duties and carry them out, everything gets done and no one takes on too much.
After all, you know what you can handle.
Try these delegation tips: 1.
Avoid being a martyr around the holidays.
When you try to do it all, it not only increases your stress, but the stressful feelings spill over to others as well.
Be honest and truthful regardless of the opinions of others.
You'll be much more able to have a joyful holiday season when you kindly and lovingly stand up for yourself.
When you delegate, remember the little ones.
There are plenty of helpful things that small children can do without damaging anything or being in the way.
I have 9 nieces and nephews and only 2 of them are under the age of 5.
When everyone was younger, they all wanted to be part of the activity - they wanted to help.
Think about the fun they experience.
There is always something that the young ones can do to 'help out'.
As you know, when they are happy, you can certainly have gratitude in those moments! After all, consider the alternative! Family gatherings can be full of love and laughter.
With these tips in mind, you can banish stress and anxiety from the picture.
Love, joy, and gratitude will surrounds the group.
To keep your family holiday gathering the best and most relaxed it can be, set the tone by remaining calm in the face of whatever comes your way.
It is both a blessing and a curse that the holidays are only temporary, and soon you'll be back to your normal routine.
Take the time to enjoy the company of others as it will be just for a short time.
The anxiety you face during the holidays often comes from that change in routine.
That makes it very difficult to stay calm and happy.
By recognizing that and preparing for it, you'll be in a great position to stay relaxed and peaceful even when the holiday season keeps you busy.
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