World Bank President Wolfowitz Needs To Resign

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At the time that Paul Wolfowitz was appointed as president of the World Bank in 2005 I wondered how the Deputy Secretary of Defense would handle a position that required a smidgen of knowledge of economic and finance matters.
One would think.
Reading his background on wikipedia it is even more obvious that he was not entirely the correct choice for this high-powered position.
His academic studies covered mathematics and politics.
He wrote his doctorate on the dangers posed by nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and his work experience is mostly in the Department of Defense.
Of course, it is apparent that Bush, in order to save some face, had to get rid of both the Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz.
As architects of the war on Iraq, which is not going that well, they needed to be put out to pasture.
due to the mess these two instigated in Iraq.
Not that Bush didn't have final say of course, but who is counting.
Rumsfeld appears to have retired.
But Wolfowitz was thrown the job at the World Bank.
As the United States has the most power at the World Bank, they have the right to appoint the President of the Bank.
So, with some opposition, it was Wolfowitz who took over the main job at the bank.
Wolfowitz had no experience in banking, economics or development issues.
He knew all about the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq though, which so far nobody has found.
A report in the archives of the BBC talks about a proposed crack down by Wolfowitz on corruption perpetrated by governments and officials in developing world nations where the bank operates.
He said at the time in February 2006, that he was withholding funds to Kenya because of a high-level scandal there at the time.
Besides this he was also said to have promised to examine any irregularities within the bank itself.
During this particular 90 minute staff meeting being reported by the BBC, he further discussed concerns about internal corruption and fraud problems at the bank.
He was also forced to justify the appointment of senior staff over which he had received criticism by World Bank staff.
His period at the World Bank was therefore not a case of smooth sailing.
What has come to light now are accusations of irregularities in the handling of the salary awarded to Wolfowitz' partner who at the time of his appointment to the World Bank was a staff member of the Bank and had to be moved elsewhere as her continued stay would have conflicted with the Bank's policy of partners working together.
The concerns are that Wolfowitz authorised salary increases for her beyond what was regular and without proper consultation and ignoring proper protocol.
The board of the World Bank is meeting to discuss the issue.
Wolfowitz says that he will abide by their decision.
Doesn't have much choice does he, on this matter.
What he should really do, is resign.
If you are such a loud advocate against corruption and you are found out to be corrupt yourself, surely the ethical thing to do would be to resign?
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