How to Impress a Guy You Like? Here Are 7 Fail-Proof Strategies!

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It can be a very confusing task for a lady to figure out how to impress a guy.
Many things that you would think would work end up not working and many thing that actually do work sound very counter intuitive.
Read the following advice to clear up some of the confusion and uncertainty you have about impressing a guy.
Be gentle and feminine You do not want to come across as too aggressive or not lady like as this will almost certainly kill off any chance that you have with him.
Display feminineness in your behavior as this is a quality that just about every male is attracted to.
Hold off the intimacy Do not try to get intimate with him too quickly as this will kill off the attraction soon.
Let the pressure build over time and excitement is going to foster within him.
Holding it off will also make the experience more extraordinary when it finally comes by.
Wear appealing clothing Make sure your apparel is in fashion and suits you.
Wear clothing that looks stylish on you.
This is extremely important as guys pay attention to this much more than girls do.
Do not allow for distractions Talking to other people on the phone while you are on a date with him and not paying him much attention can be a big turn off.
Make sure you are fully engaged with him when the two of you are together.
Use good smelling perfumes Wear good smelling and fragrant perfumes.
Be sure that the fragrance is not too strong or this will work against you.
If you want to be sure he notices it, a good technique to try would be to lightly spray it on your hands and gently rub his cheeks when you are interacting with him.
Maintain yourself properly Make sure you are maintaining yourself properly as men tend to judge you mainly based on appearance.
Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, wear make up, and take good care of your skin.
Being neglectful to your appearance is one of the worst things you can do.
Have a suitable hairstyle Make sure your hairstyle is suited to you as this can go a long way in making him feel attracted towards you.
At least during your initial encounters, make sure your hair looks in line.
Go to a hair salon before meeting him for a professionally done look.
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