How to Control Ejaculation - Effective Techniques You Can Use

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Knowing how to control ejaculation is vital if you are to maintain a healthy sexual relationship.
It is a sad but true fact that hardly any one will stay in a relationship where the sex is unfulfilling.
Being sexually unfulfilled is very frustrating and this sexual frustration leads to tension in the relationship which in tern leads to constant argument and eventual separation.
If you do not know how to control ejaculation, here are a few techniques that can be used effectively when the need arises.
First up is employing the help of a desensitizing cream/spray.
For men seeking how to prevent ejaculation this is a fast and easy way to go.
You simply apply and you are protected.
There is a numbing effect that some find very difficult to get over, but this option is one that's there.
Next technique is to use of specially designed condoms which aim at decreasing sensitivity.
For many men, less sensitivity will mean better control and longer lasting intercourse.
To reduce sensitivity, these condoms are either made thicker than usual or are treated with a desensitizing fluid.
Again there is the issue of numbness and excess loss in sensuality, however they can be another great answer as to how to prevent ejaculation.
One of the more popular and effective technique is to actually develop the ability to ejaculate only when you are ready to do so.
There are programs available that show how to control ejaculation naturally and without outside aids like condoms or creams.
Though this method requires a little more time and effort that the others, it does not sacrifice sensitivity and also offers a permanent solution.
Knowing how to control ejaculation is vital to having longer lasting, more fulfilling and enjoyable sex.
It can also mean happier partners and more beautiful relationships.
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