Explained: 4 Methods To Recover Faster From Triathlon Training For The Beginner Triathlete

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After a hard training session, especially when you are just starting out in the world of Triathlon you can become quite sore.
However as you get fitter, your body is able to recover from your training faster and you will experience less soreness after year training.
To get a little technical, after exercise your body flushes out all it's metabolic by- products such as lactic acid that builds up in the muscles during training.
This occurs because we have three (3) Energy Systems (aerobic, anaerobic and ATP-PC systems) in our body that all work in our bodies to varying degrees all the time.
But at any one point in time, one of them will be the major producer (at point in time/at the fastest rate) or dominant system.
When you are pushing your body, often you do not have enough oxygen for the aerobic system to be the sole provider of energy for your body and therefore the anaerobic system has to help out.
However because the anaerobic system causes lactic acid and other metabolic by-products, it is considered a major cause of fatigued and creates soreness that is often experienced after training.
And this is what we want to get rid of.
Just a side note: as you get fitter your body will become a lot more efficient and before you will be able to flush out all the metabolic buy products such as lactic acid and return to a Normal State more quickly.
Furthermore, when you train you are actually breaking down your muscles in the form on micro-tears.
When I say this people usually freak out a little and say "what?" But it is not something to worry about; in fact these little micro-tears actually promote and increase your performance in the long term.
You see, what happens is that when you muscles are broken down they repair themselves and when they do so they form stronger bonds and grow in size.
However, in the meantime this also creates soreness.
Below are some other recovery methods that are great to use to aid recovery because they promote the flush out of metabolic by-products and general muscle soreness.
: assists waste removal and general muscle soreness.
Self-massage can be really good.
You don't necessarily need to get a masseuse to do it for you, although this can be really beneficial once in a while.
: Warmth can be used to promote blood flow, and water creates a massaging effect.
: This provides lower weight bearing activities to reduce stress on your joints.
The cold water also assists in recovery.
RICER or maybe CRICER:
R: Rest I: Ice (0-12hrs 20min on 20min off 12-24hrs 20min on 40min off) C: Compression E: Elevate (put your legs up so they are elevated) R: Referral (Go and see someone e.
masseuse if you really need to.
This step is so often very unnecessary)
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