Google Is A Giant

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The Google Empire is expanding.
Google is one of the biggest search engines one the planet.
Google has tons of information about the internet, the world and of course you.
Google has more information about us than most government agencies.
Google the search engine has email or more commonly called (gmail) calendars, spreadsheets PDF files documents and maps.
Google is everywhere.
I have seen Google web sites in other countries and in several different languages.
Google has taken a demanding presence on the world and the internet.
The majority of the internet sites that you visit are powered by Google.
Google did not leave you out if you would want to make money with Google you can open accounts or become members with Google's AdSense or AdWords programs.
You can proudly display Google search boxes or other advertisements on your website or Blog.
There are many other branches in the Google kingdom.
Google is presently waiting FTC approval for the purchase of Double-Click another advertising giant.
The power of cookies.
With cookies bits and pieces of information is stored about our internet habits, ecommerce, spending, and web browser usage.
My mom baked the best cookies.
But, Google is not in the baking business.
However the cookies that are possessed by Google and the pending deal with Double-Click, will give Google the majority of the internet information available today.
I must admit that I am a Google junkie.
I own Google stock, I currently have AdSense and Adword accounts.
I have Blogs that are powered by Google.
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