Unified Communications – What's the Deal?

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Unified Communications has a majority lacklustre appeal due to its misconception of being complex and complicated. On the contrary, the idea behind UC is alarmingly simple; it allows you to do more with less.

The idea behind Unified Communications is to create efficiencies within your business in terms of processes and productivity, allowing you to cut costs and earn more revenue giving greater profits. It's a solution that's long overdue and a saviour to a modern day office where traditional and physical means of communication were getting too unsightly, chaotic and unmanageable.

UC is a service-led solution catering to these modern ways of working, bringing together all of your communication tools into one easy to manage platform to ensure you develop smarter and faster operations.

What is Unified Communications?

Searching ‘what is Unified Communications' probably won't make the  definition any simpler, as different companies, brands and manufacturers all have different ideas and views on what makes an effective UC solution.

The modern office relies on the rapid exchanging of information, but with so many channels and mediums at our beck and call this became chaotic and confusing, causing missed opportunities and prolonged decision making. There needed to be a way of ensuring all these different systems and channels were talking to each other – and for this, UC was born.

At its core, UC is not a single product but a solution converging what you may use of the following; email, instant messaging, voice, video, telephony conferencing, data and wireless devices. It allows for cross communication; meaning you can send one message via one medium, and receive it via the device closest to the recipient.

It ensures all your systems are speaking to each other, so your servers are communication to your phone system which is talking to your employees smartphone, and so on. This way you are able to contact anyone, any time, any where in the world with little extra effort.

This advantage of mobility is probably the single biggest driver of Unified Communications solutions, due to an evolving working environment that relies less on traditional office means and more on working on the go.

Unified Communications also opened up the opportunity for SMEs to be on a communication level playing field with big corporates. Small to medium size businesses have the same communication needs as large enterprises and no matter what size your business is, it's important to maximise on opportunities to create efficiencies and improve processes wherever possible.

In order to operate effectively and be competitive in your chosen market communications must be slick and readily available. Unified Comms bridges gaps between communication increasing productivity, improving customer service, generating sales and cutting costs for any sized business.

Benefits of Unified Communications

In tough economic times businesses are looking to do more with less in order to save money that they are able to put to better use. Unified Comms often works out cheaper than buying individual solutions, instead of paying upfront for hardware you simply pay one fixed, monthly cost, making it easier to fit within your budget.

Unified Communications can benefit your business by:
  • Using VoIP, which can help a small business can cut telephony bills by 46%
  • Cutting the time it takes to directly contact a new customer from 188 minutes to 32 minutes
  • Allowing you to scale up for busy periods like Christmas and experiment new ideas at minimal cost as you pay for what you use
  • Allowing you to get the right information from the right people at the right time, increasing responsiveness and productivity
  • Reducing costs on building bills as employees can work from anywhere, any time and on any device
  • Reducing travel costs due to streamlined communication and conferencing that is as being in the same room as someone
  • Improving customer service – response and waiting times are kept to a minimum
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the need for travel
  • Giving you better access to systems as it integrates with other platforms easily such as Microsoft Lync, Outlook and SharePoint
  • Reducing system costs as there is less hardware on site
  • Increasing your ROI and profitability
  • Giving you unrivalled scalability, stimulating growth and growing alongside you
  • Even small businesses with one office whose employees all operate in the same room can reap the benefits of Unified Communications services as they provide a seamless flow between people to get work done faster and better, whilst also providing unrivalled, rapid services to your customers, partners and suppliers.

Unified communications is changing the way successful businesses communicate and Elite Telecom can ensure your business doesn't get left behind.
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