Make a Burrito Costume

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    • 1). Cover the baby's car seat in aluminum foil. This is to mimic the foil that encloses the burrito, recently unwrapped. Leave space for the straps to still be used.

    • 2). Cut out lettuce leaf shapes from the felt. These will be lettuce leaves for the burrito.

    • 3). Cut the yarn into several three-inch long bundles (about five strands per bundle). This will be the thinly grated cheese of the burrito.

    • 4). Stitch the lettuce leaves to the "wrong" side of the long edge of the fleece blanket. They should fold over and lay flat on the "right" side of the blanket, like lettuce leaves poking out of the top of a flour tortilla. Overlap some of the leaves for a more authentic look.

    • 5). Stitch bundles of "cheese" every three or four inches on the edge of the "wrong" side of the fleece, between the lettuce leaves. These will also fold over onto the "right" side.

    • 6). Arrange the blanket so the lettuce leaves and cheese are emerging from the back side and falling over to the side facing you. Then stitch or glue the little red pompoms among the lettuce and cheese. The red pompoms are meant to be chopped up tomatoes or red chilis. Arrange artistically so it looks like the end of a burrito.

    • 7). Stitch leaves, yarn and pompoms to the white stocking cap in the same artistic manner you used for the blanket collar. Remember, it's supposed to look like the end of the burrito is open, revealing the colorful contents.

    • 8). Dress the baby in a warm sleeper, preferably green. Place the baby in the car seat and fasten the straps. Then snugly wrap him in the burrito blanket, taking care to tuck the decorated collar around his shoulders and wrapping the bottom of the blanket, burrito-style, under his legs. Put the stocking cap on his head to finish the costume.

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