"Artist Colony" (PC)

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Release Date:

July 9, 2009





"Artist Colony" Features:
  • Explore a run down artist colony and work towards building a thriving community of artists.
  • Upgrade and discover studios, each focused on a different area of art.
  • 35 artists, each with their own persoanlities and artistic ablilities.
  • Complete objectives to open more of the map and fully restore the colony.

  • Keep the artists in good health and in an inspiration mood for maximim productivity.
  • Send the artists to their studios to advance their skills in chosen field.
  • Sources of inspiration pop up acrss the colony.

"Artist Colony" Description:

A run down artist colony was left to two brothers. Those brothers decided it was time to turn the place into the inspiration artist colony it once was. The job is not an easy one. The studios need to be restored and upgraded. The stage, gallery, residence hall, and other buildings all need work. You direct the artists to their next project. It could be an art project or restoring building. The goal being to sell artwork and restore the colony to its orginal beauty.

"Artist Colony" Quick Review:

It's a game of managing resources and getting people to work. The artists need to be in just the right mood to complete chores or work on their craft. Artists need to have a good level of inspiration before they'll think of about working. Understandable enough.

"Artist Colony" won't skyrocket to the top of any gamer's list.

It isn't an automatic buy. The game engine is like other games its genre. Build up mood, have them work, build up mood, and send them on their next project. Good number of objectives to extend the playing hours and a nice storyline, make it worth playing the "Artist Colony" demo.

"Artist Colony" Demo:

Download Demo
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