How to Use a Worm Farm

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    • 1). Tear the newspaper into long strips about ½ to 1 inch wide. Don't use any colored or slick paper. This is the bedding the worms will live in. They will also eat it.

    • 2). Moisten the newspaper by soaking it briefly in a bucket of water. Allow it to drain slightly. It contains the right amount of water if you squeeze it and can only get a drop or two of water from it.

    • 3). Fill the bin to a depth of 8 to 12 inches with the shredded newspaper. Put it in loosely -- don't pack it down.

    • 4). Scatter two handfuls of soil over the top of the bedding. This provides necessary grit for the worms.

    • 5). Place the red wiggler worms in the worm farm. You can pile them on top of the bedding. They will dig down to get away from the light. Red wigglers are excellent to use in worm farms because they are voracious eaters and they adapt well to the living conditions.

    • 6). Feed the worms kitchen or garden scraps two or three times per week. They can eat their own weight in kitchen scraps every day, but for best results feed them about half of that. Make sure to keep the bedding moist.

    • 7). Harvest the worms after about three months. Dump the contents of the worm farm onto a tarp in the bright light. Remove layers of castings as the worms burrow down to get away from the light.

    • 8). Fill the worm farm with new bedding and return the worms to their home. Feed them as soon as they are settled.

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