How Kiwifruit Benefits Constipation

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The kiwifruit didn't get the nickname "superfood" for nothing.
Scientists have been putting it through tests to see how it helps a myriad of not only digestive problems but also other things such as weight control, heart health, and diabetes.
For our purpose here we'll focus on how it's been shown to help those suffering from constipation, ingestion and IBS.
These are all digestive dysfunctions and the kiwifruit has some key nutrients to help relieve you from these symptoms.
We have a very important enzyme in our stomach known as pepsin, no it's nothing like Pepsi! Pepsin likes an acidic environment, and when it doesn't have one, it can't do it's job and the problems start.
What reduces our pepsin count? Basically, it's bad food or junk food.
A poor diet will seriously affect the production of pepsin and when that happens the food leaving the stomach goes without getting fully broken down or digested.
Hello indigestion pains.
But indigestion can lead to more problems such as lack of energy, nutrient deficiencies and is a major cause of bowel cancer, according to many studies done in New Zealand.
Kiwifruit to the rescue You're probably thinking...
there's no way kiwis have pepsin in them.
Well, they don't, but they do contain plenty of alpha linolenic acid, which means it has high levels of an enzyme called actinidin.
This enzyme behaves the same way that pepsin does in the stomach in digesting foods.
Beyond that, the kiwi has good amounts of vitamins C and E, magnesium, potassium and some essential fatty acids all of which help with digestion.
Laxative products are only a band-aid When you take a store bought laxative product, it may work to relieve the symptom you have every time you take it but it's not fixing the problem, which is a dysfunction with your digestion system.
Rather than dealing with the symptoms alone, the kiwi pepsin-like enzymes attack the very cause of the problem which is Indigestion.
Promotes good colon health Because of the good amount of fiber in a kiwi, the large intestine, also called the colon, has a job that is just as important as digestion, and that's to eliminate waste as efficiently and quickly as possible so as not to bring on more symptoms and serious disease.
If not enough fiber reaches the colon, there will be much mush not being able to bulk up enough to form a stool and leave.
Simple as that.
Not pretty, but simple.
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