Please Help Me Get My Ex Girlfriend Back Without Having to Beg

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If you've been saying this recently, you don't need me to tell you this, but you're going to have a very big uphill battle in front of you.
You probably desperately want to get back with your ex, but wanting and actually getting it are very different things.
The worst thing you can do, too, is to let your emotions tell you what to do and guide you through this tough time.
Instead of helping you, your feelings of hurt and emptiness will lead you to pushing your ex girlfriend even further away.
Luckily, with the right amount of patience and understanding, you're virtually guaranteed to get back together with the woman you've fallen in love with.
If you asked ten different people "Can you please help me get my ex girlfriend back?", you'll probably get ten different answer as to what they best way to go about it is.
With all of this bad information floating around, its easy to see how you can quickly become very desperate and feel like you're never going to get it to work.
With that desperation comes something that you want to do, but will turn out being the absolute worst thing you can do: beg and plead with your ex girlfriend to get her to take you back.
Especially if you've been keeping in contact with her, that calling, texting, and emailing have to absolutely stop right away.
You have to realize that when you're talking with your emotions, you're sending a signal that she has the upper hand and has control over you.
She wants, instead, to be with someone who can handle the emotions associated with a breakup, even if she can't.
So it is in your best interest to put your feelings aside for the time being and start acting like you don't care whether you two get back together or not.
It will most likely be against everything you're actually feeling, but realize that the time to tell her how you feel is after you two get back together, not when you're trying to win her back.
In fact, the best way to be sure this doesn't happen is to limit the amount of time you two spend together.
Now, you shouldn't go out, find another girl, and try to make up for the lost love in your life.
Instead, you should spend more time hanging out with your friends and showing her that you can have a great time without her.
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