How Make a Platform Bed

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    • 1). Measure the length and width of your bed with a tape measure. The standard size for a queen-sized bed is 60x80 inches. You can adapt all further measurements to fit the size of your bed.

    • 2). Cut four pieces of 1x6-inch lumber boards with a miter saw. Subtract four inches of each measurement you took previously. For a queen-size bed, cut two boards 56 inches and two boards 76 inches.

    • 3). Create a rectangle out of the four boards. Place the two longer boards parallel to each other and then place the two shorter boards inside the longer boards. This will hide the joints.

    • 4). Place a metal angle bracket in each inside corner of the box and secure the brackets with 3/4-inch wood screws.

    • 5). Cut a piece of 1-inch furniture grade plywood with a table saw to the measurements of the bed. For a queen bed, cut the plywood to 60x80 inches. If you are using exotic woods, you must first glue several pieces of wood together with wood glue and bar clamps. After gluing the wood to form a sheet, cut the wood with the table saw to meet your measurements. If you like, you can add an overhang or a "lip" around the edges of the bed. To do this, add eight inches to each measurement. This will provide a 4-inch overhang around the entire bed mattress. For a queen bed, cut the plywood to 68x88 inches.

    • 6). Place the plywood face down on the ground Place the box on the plywood and center it. Place two evenly spaced corner brackets inside the box so the brackets rest against the plywood sheet and the side of the box. Secure the brackets to the box and the sheet with 3/4-inch wood screws.

    • 7). Sand any rough edges of the wood with a sanding block. Round over the edges of the plywood sheet with a router and round-over router bit.

    • 8). Paint or stain the pedestal bed. Apply polyurethane hard-coat to the surface and allow adequate drying time. Use a combination of paintbrushes and rollers to apply the paint, stain and polyurethane.

    • 9). Place the box side of the bed on the floor and then place the mattress on the plywood sheet and center it.

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