Laptop Battery Charging Techniques

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    Initial Charging

    • When you first get your laptop, put the battery on charge, but don't turn on the laptop. This ensures all the energy goes into getting your battery charged, rather than splitting the power between the battery and your laptop. Leave the battery to charge for an hour or two; you can't overcharge it as it has an automatic cut-off feature. Turn on your laptop and you can see the charge indicator which is likely to show 100 percent. If not, turn off your laptop and continue charging until the charge reaches 100 percent.

    Second Charge

    • During the first two or three times you use your laptop, ensure you operate it only on battery power. Make certain the battery charger cable is disconnected from the laptop before turning it on. This improves the batteries ability to take and, importantly, retain a charge. Use your laptop on battery mode until it gets to about 25 percent, then plug in your charger to your laptop and turn off the laptop while it charges the battery. It usually takes no more than 30 to 45 minutes to charge as this stage. Turn on your laptop and use as normal.


    • Once you have completed two or three charges, with the laptop turned off, you can charge your laptop as often as you like. It doesn't matter if you put it on charge when the battery indicator suggests it still 90 percent full, it won't damage your battery.

    Occasional Discharge

    • Every six months or so, depending on how much you use your laptop, let the battery discharge to about 10 percent, then recharge it. It helps keep it in good condition and able to retain more energy. Lithium batteries are set so that you cannot completely discharge them. Your laptop will turn itself off before the battery's charge drops to about 5 percent. To avoid losing data, it is advisable to avoid this scenario.

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