DIY or Hire a Clearwater Plumber? Tips to Help You Decide

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Should I hire a Clearwater plumber or do the job myself? This is a question that many homeowners have faced at some time in their lives. There are actually many plumbing problems that you can address yourself without having to call a plumber. On the other hand, there are some that seem deceptively easy but which you actually should call in a plumbing service to fix.

One example of a problem that you may be able to fix yourself without having to call a Clearwater plumbing service is a clogged toilet that is not flushing. The most common cause of this problem is a blockage inside the pipes that lead to the main sewer line. You can simply use a bull head plunger to remove the obstruction. Push the plunger up and down rapidly in order to generate enough force to remove the clog. Another problem that does not require a plumber Clearwater refers is an overflowing toilet. All you have to do is turn off the valve on the tank and then adjust the float arm until the flapper valve closes.

On the other hand, one problem that you need to call in a plumbing service to fix is burst pipes. This problem is more complicated than it seems, and if you try to fix it rather than calling in a qualified plumbing service than it may cost you more in the long run. Leaking pipes is another problem that a plumbing service is more capable of addressing. You should not hesitate to call in a plumber Clearwater recommends since you risk mold build-up that may affect the water quality in your house if you wait.

If you are planning to attempt a DIY plumbing project yourself instead of calling a plumbing service, one of the things you need to keep in mind is, if there is an emergency, do you have the know-how to react appropriately? If the answer is no, then you must hire a plumber. Another thing to remember when considering whether or not to hire a plumbing Clearwater service is how complicated the DIY project will be. If it involves structural changes to your bathroom or house, then you should probably call a plumber to complete the job since it involves serious risks. You should also call a plumber if the project has to deal with complicated plumbing systems, electrical systems or gas, electricity or propane lines.

On the other hand, there are some minor projects that you can successfully complete without the help of a plumber. These include simple painting and re-grouting of your bathroom tiles.

When you're hiring a plumber service, make sure to check that they are licensed and have the right amount of insurance to protect you in case something goes wrong with the repair job. A Clearwater plumber is required to maintain a minimum $25,000 property liability insurance and $100,000 bodily liability insurance. In addition, it would be a big plus if the plumbing contractor is a member of a reputable professional organization, since this ensures that they adhere to a code of ethics as well as maintaining high professional standards in their work
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